Pay As You Go – Details & Pricing.

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Pay As You Go Credits – Spinning and Kettlebells class places can be purchased on a pay as you go basis by first registering with Lotus Fitness –
Click Here to Register for Pay As You Go – (Note: Registration is free)

15 places are available on each of these classes – Once registered you can purchase credits and book yourself into classes. You can book one class or any number of classes to suit your requirement. This way you stay in control as it allows you a flexible way of booking classes to fit around your schedule*. Pay As You Go members can book classes up to four weeks in advance.


£6 – 5 credits

£25 – 25 credits

£45 – 50 credits

£80 – 100 credits


Spinning – 5 credits

Kettlebells – 5 credits


At present all other classes can be booked by calling the class instructor directly – Click here for details of Classes and Instructors


* (Note You can cancel a class at any time without losing credits – 24 hours notice is required for a class cancellation)